Good morning, everyone!  This is my first blog post on this site and I plan on writing more once I have more time.  You can comment on these posts, just please be kind and only use adult language when absolutely necessary.  You can comment to give feedback or advice along with suggestions for this site and how to improve it. 

For my first bit of news:  I leave around noon for my orientation at work.  It's not a big job, being retail, but it is something and will help me pay for school expenses along with housing expenses.

That's about it in my world right now.  How are all of you?  Or just one of you?  Depending on how many people are looking at this site.  I don't really know how many, but that's fine.

If you all have a personal site (through Weebly or elsewhere) and would like to "link" sites or whatever it's called, then please let me know. :) I'd like to build up a small community/network between everyone I know and even some people I don't really know.
1/21/2012 03:01:29 pm

Hey, I have your death site linked on mine. Can I link this one as well?

1/22/2012 01:37:16 am

Of course. :)


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